© Gemma Oosterhof


“If you throw one stone in the water, it creates a ripple effect.

 If you throw ten stones in the water, it creates a network.

 If you throw a hundred stones in the water, it creates a storm.

 Lets throw all the stones in the water."

At the end of 2018, I was asked by Rizoom, Joris Broekhoven, to create an artwork and stop-motion which will represent the vision of Rizoom. Rizoom is an open and experimental platform which stands for connection between diverse Dutch artists. The word Rizoom means ''mass of roots'' which reverse to creating a network. For more information about Rizoom you can click here.


The collaboration between me and Rizoom has been an adventure with many new opportunities. If you are inspired, please follow Rizoom at Instagram en be a part of the network


If you like to support Rizoom you can buy an organic tote bag with my artwork on it. The artwork symbolizes a stone which is thrown into the water. The pressure of the stone, falling in the water, will create a ripple effect. The stone stands for the artist who will leave a mark with his or her art. If we throw all the stones in the water we will create a network of ripples (art). Rizoom wants to create a network of beautiful and diverse artists.

You can buy the tote bag here                    www.rizoom.art